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The clothing based Interactive Party Game

(The Self-Marketing Clothing)

These clothing items (designed by me) have a QR-Code embedded in the design, this code, when scanned with a Mobile Device, will take the user to a game of I Dare You. They will be faced with a series of random Dares, which they will perform to gain points. It’s a fun game for groups of all kinds. There is an IDU Drinking Game version available here.

Below are a few Dare samples from the I Dare You Party Game game.

From a Marketing perspective, each Dare page that is presented also offers a apparel from the I Dare You clothing range.

Below are a few example of the IDU Party Game range shown during play.

A quick How It Works video..

The (Let’s Do It) button below should take you to the I Dare You Party Game

Some Short Promotional Videos (Please excuse the similar music in the videos, I haven’t bought many music licenses 🤷)

“I Dare You” Party Game Clothing – Christmas Edition

An Explainer Video For The “I Dare You” Party Game

“I Dare You” Party Game Clothing – Explainer Video

“I Dare You” Party Game Clothing – Humorous Promotional Video

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